Pocket full of fun TEES


Scrap busting!
Always looking for ways to be more sustainable! ♻️♻️♻️

Pocket full of fun tee’s!

Using up my scraps to create the cutest little pockets!
For your little dreamers or for their brothers!
Fabric pockets sewn on to a tee!

Help me use up my small pieces!

Pocket - cotton.

ORDER A TEE then note the POCKET CHOICE at checkout.

Pocket Choices.
- my mini scientist
- Rainbow Roar
- Rainbow Circles

Tee NOT made by me!
Certified organic cotton t-shirt fabric
Breathable and durable

Colours - see pic.
- lavender
- pink
- white
- blue
- green
- red
- black
- blue denim colour

Fabric Content:
Certified Organic Cotton

Care Instructions:
Machine Washable.